Hayle Fest

2017 Traders Signup

If you are a business or individual wishing to trade or conduct business at Hayle Fest please complete the form below to register with the organisers.

All traders at Hayle Fest must be registered beforehand.

Terms & Conditions

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Business Information

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Trade Details

Hygiene Registration

This section is required only if you plan on vending food and/or drink during the festival. It is compulsory for all food and/or drink vendors to be registered with a relevant local authority.

What rating were you awarded? (0-5)

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Pitch & Staff Requirements

All stalls are placed in secure market areas with no gaps allowed between traders. Staff access to your stall will always be from the rear, please bear this in mind when specifying stall & pitch sizes. All pitch prices are based on a 4mx4m stall, any larger requirements will incur additional costs to be agreed upon. Space will be limited so please be realistic in your requirements, if your application is approved we will endeavour to meet your requirements though this cannot be guaranteed and all requirements will need to fit within the final allocated pitch size. Please try to be as exacting with measurements as possible.

Including any preparation areas.

Including any preparation areas.

Including all guy ropes, menu boards, tow hooks etc.

Total depth required including your stall. This must include space for any essential on-site vehicles, caravans and storage.

There are a limited number of trader passes available, therefore we can only issue passes for required workers. Anyone over the age of 13 at the time of the festival will require their own pass.

Vehicle Requirements

There are four types of vehicles outlined below. We are keen to minimise the number of vehicles on-site therefore please only request passes for those which are absolutely necessary for you and your team. If you are applying for a pitch in the Main Arena, please note you will not be able to park any vehicles on-site unless they are an integral part of your stall (trading from a boat of other vehicle for example), we can allocate short stay and car park passes only. Trailers do not require a vehicle pass, just the towing vehicle.

On-site vehicles are parked behind your stall and must be included in your pitch requirements.

Short stay passes allow vehicles to be driven on-site briefly for the purposes of unloading essential stock and must be parked in one of the regular car parks. Short stay passes also count as car park passes so an additional pass will not be required.

These vehicles will not be allowed on-site and must be parked directly in one of the provided car parks.

If you intend on bringing caravan(s) we will need to be informed in advance. The towing vehicle will need to be accounted for above with either a short stay or on-site pass. There is no facility for direct water supply though electricity may be available if arranged in advance.

Power Requirements

Power is provided by Green Envi, the approved event provider. If you are offered a pitch and require power you will be asked for full details by the provider.

Do you require power?

Water Requirements

Do you require water?

Gas Use

Do you use bottled gas in your stall?

Do you use Nitrous Oxide chargers/canisters in your stall?

Sound Output

Any trader wishing to play music (including radios) will require a sound allocation. Any sound allowances will form part of your contract with Hayle Fest.

Do you require a sound allocation?


If you have any images of your pitch from previous events please send these as an attachment to info@haylefest.co.uk after submitting your application to help us better understand what you wish to bring.

Final Checks

Please ensure all the information provided on this application is full and correct and that you have included photos and information about your stall. Any corrections will need to be emailed to info@haylefest.co.uk as soon as possible. Please be aware successful applicants will need to be able to provide proof of the following:

  • Health & Safety Documentation
    Policy, Risk Assessments including Fire, Training Records etc.

  • Public Liability Insurance
    Cover up to £5m valid over the festival period.

    Expiry Date

  • Employers and Employees Liability Insurance
    Valid over the festival period.

    Expiry Date

  • Food Hygiene Training Certificate(s)
    If vending food and/or drink.

  • PAT Testing Certification

  • Gas Safety Certificate(s)

Please confirm you will have all of the above in place should your application be successful.


If you are confident all the information provided is correct, press the submit button. Your application will be sent directly to the Hayle Fest organisers who will endeavour to respond within an appropriate period.